11.11.2021 10:27

Projects supported by Muş Alparslan University as BAP coordinator and their budgets.

Graduate Project: Project applications were made through Bap Automation, and the upper limit for Graduate Thesis Projects (4902) was determined as 7.500 TL. These are research projects created in order to create the R&D cultures of the students enrolled in the undergraduate programs of our university, to encourage research activities and to encourage them to do research. Only undergraduate students who meet the conditions determined by the BAP Commission can take part as researchers in these projects, which are led by faculty members. At least four undergraduate students can work as researchers in these projects. Project researchers consist of undergraduate students who have successfully completed 4 semesters of their education and have at least 2.70 GPA. The project must be a research project. Within the scope of this project support, only the costs of purchasing consumables, tools and services required by the research are covered. The duration of the project can be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 months.

 Comprehensive Research Projects: For comprehensive research projects (4901), 15,000 TL has been determined by the commission. It is expected that the projects will also be carried out in accordance with Muş Alparslan University Scientific Research Projects Implementation Directive.
Research Infrastructure Projects: 15000 TL support is given for research projects. Likewise, it is determined by the commission as for comprehensive research projects.

Guided Project: These are the projects that Muş Alparslan University will have subject specialist scientists prepare for the urgent solution of regional problems and are evaluated by the Scientific Research Projects Commission within 5 (five) days following the application. There is no time limit in Guided Projects.

Research Projects with International Participation: These are research projects that the researchers from our university will carry out in cooperation with the relevant researchers in the world's leading universities in internationally recognized ranking systems or in an important research center that is internationally recognized in the field. International Research Cooperation Projects cannot be shorter than six months.
Scientific Meeting Organization Support: Our university provides 15000 TL support for scientific meetings as a head unit.

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