10.11.2021 12:09

Definition and Scope: The project supports provided by the BAP Unit are carried out by adhering to the application principles specified in this document. The BAP Commission may make changes in the implementation principles when it deems necessary. Researchers who will apply for project support are recommended to carefully read the explanations given in this document and the BAP Coordination Unit Implementation Directive.

Project Coordinator: Faculty members who propose the project, are responsible for its preparation and execution, and researchers from our university who have completed their doctorate, proficiency in art or equivalent education. The director of the graduate thesis projects is the faculty member appointed as the thesis advisor in the authorized committees of the relevant institute.

Researcher: Included in the project team by the project coordinator in order to carry out the scientific research project; The instructors are the students who are studying undergraduate and graduate education related to the project subject and the people who have completed their education and are assigned to the project due to their expertise. The researchers of the Graduate Thesis Projects are only the related graduate students and, if any, faculty members appointed by the relevant institutes as the second advisor.

Project Team: Project coordinator and researchers involved in the project.

Research and Publication Ethics: The project team is obliged to comply with the rules regarding research and publication ethics. In all publications (articles, thesis, reports, papers, etc.) produced from the supported projects, the support of the BAP Coordination Unit must be clearly stated together with the project number and the relevant publications must be submitted to the BAP Commission for evaluation through the BAP Automation system.

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